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Gorilla Trekking, Wildlife Safaris, Mountain climbing, Cultural sites


Across the Wild African Safaris ensures and offers detailed Safaris to Uganda and rest of East Africa that are affordable and memorable for either Gorilla Trekking or Wildlife Safaris or Mountain climbing and Cultural site visits. 

East Africa being with the ultimate adventure and adrenaline all inclusive destination gives us the opportunity to share with you various experiences. Gorilla Trekking being the highlight in Uganda adding to the variety of Wildlife, special mountain climbing options and wide spread and uniquely preserved cultures; there is a lot to experience. 

"There is no better place world over than Uganda of East Africa to visit to experience Gorilla Trekking; Uganda having more than half the world Mountain Gorilla population."

Our Safaris are organized including all exciting and beautiful details of destinations with an out-door and African cultural touch. We begin buy getting your idea or African safari dream which we build upon to fit into your budget and create an experience second to none. With a lot of experience in the region we customize your itinerary to your satisfaction to make it a real experience.

Across the Wild African Safaris arranges individual and group tours and safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania that range from gorilla trekking tours, Wildlife Safaris, Mountain climbing, Bird viewing, and Cultural Tours. You can choose from the packages which as they are or request they be tailored to your preferences and budget.

We very much believe in fulfilling every one’s fantasy or dream or call it imagination of an African experience as we incorporate all ideas to offer this. Many of our safaris will offer one a chance to learn and experience the different cultures and livelihoods of the communities in the various destinations.

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